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DOGONews posts thousands of articles about current events and worldwide news that are written for—and in some cases, by—children.

Eighth-graders have made no academic progress in U.S. history, geography or civics programs over the last five years, according to the latest test results from “The Nation’s Report Card,” released this past August by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

Some of the latest software solutions monitor applications for free meals and track federal and state reimbursement reports for the National School Lunch Program.

Serving meals in schools has changed dramatically over the last few decades.

Many students suffer food allergies, and others don’t have enough money in their lunch account.

Outside computer labs, the laptops and tablets that students use most commonly at school are shared, in-class devices, according to a Harris Poll/Pearson study from last year. These shared programs are more common in elementary schools, where 35 percent of students use shared devices. The rates for middle and high school students are 27 and 22 percent.

Comparatively, just 16 percent of students in the U.S. attend a school that has a 1-to-1 program.

i-Ready Reading, by Curriculum Associates
Tales2Go, by Tales2Go Inc.
Book Creator, by Red Jumper Limited
HMH Close Reads App, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Flocabulary, by Flocabulary
RESEARCH LABS, by American Reading Company
Books that Grow, by Books that Grow
myON Reader, by Capstone Digital
Literary Companion, by AcademicMerit

From videos to games, tools to help students learn to read are all about fun.

Programs that are compatible with mobile devices allow students to improve reading and literacy skills in and outside the classroom. On the educator side, many new products track students’ progress and offer assessment tools.

Zing, by Schoolwide
Library•Solution for Schools, by The Library Corporation
Destiny Library Manager, by Follett

Providing students with the right academic resources is crucial to their success. Whether it’s finding printed books, e-books or other research materials, new software can help librarians organize materials and make them easy to find.

Adventure to Fitness
Polar GoFit Heart Rate App, by Polar Electro
CATCH Early Childhood Kit, by Flaghouse
Thumball, by Answers in Motion

From sports to exercise routines, the latest programs and activities in physical education aim to get students motivated and excited about being fit.

Fitness monitors and other new technology allow teachers, parents and students to track progress or stream fitness videos to mobile devices. These programs offer the flexibility to work out inside or outdoors.

Adventure to Fitness

Adventure to Fitness

Big Ideas Math, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ST Math, by MIND Research Institute
Math Techbook,by Discovery Education
ALEKS Math, by McGraw-Hill Education
Stepping Stones, by ORIGO Education
Think Through Math, by Think Through Math
Ascend Math, by Ascend Education
WIN Math, by WIN Learning

No matter the grade or skill level, the newest mathematics tools and programs aim to make learning various math concepts an adventure.

Being adaptive, engaging and fun, products try to meet the needs of individual students while aligning with the Common Core and other state standards. Here are some of the latest math tools in light of NCTM's conference in April. Big Ideas Math

An image from  Rourke Educational Media's "Symbols of Freedom."
An image from  Discovery Education's Social Studies Techbook.
Hobsons' Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum
Knowledge Matters' Virtual Business—Management Online
Sony Virtuoso Digital  Language Lab Technology by SANS
Middlebury Interactive Language's Chinese Fluency I
¡Avancemos! by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Administrators striving to align instruction with the Common Core have an ever increasing range of curriculum programs from which to choose.

Several new social studies programs focus on keeping students abreast of current and archived news while other materials spotlight America’s history.

MimioDisplay, by ​Mimio
MULTI Touch LED LCD 84 4K Android, by Triumph Board
ActivBoard Touch, by Promethean
Aquos Board, by Sharp Aquos
SMART Board 6065 Interactive Flat Panels, by  SMART Tech, Ultra HD 4K imagery
TeamBoard 4 Series, by TeamBoard
Conojo Whiteboard App, by Viz Mojo Labs, Inc.
MagicIWB 3.0, by Samsung
Multi-touch TH-80LFB70U Interactive LED Display, by Panasonic
BrightLink Pro Collaborative Whiteboarding Solution, by Epson

The standard whiteboard is evolving to keep up with advancements in learning technology. With today’s newer models, several students and teachers can work together on the same surface at the same time. Corresponding mobile apps also allow students to collaborate on their BOYD or 1-to-1 devices.

Echo Meter Touch by Wildlife Acoustics
Heart and Lungs Lab App by Isygames
QBiC MS-1 Wide Angle Wearable Camera by Elmo
DataHub by Ward’s Science
Starter Electrochemistry Meters by OHAUS Corporation
Vernier Energy Sensor by Vernier
ChemAssist Mobile App by Fisher Scientific
MiScope by Zarbeco
STEMscopes by Accelerate Learning

Technology is revolutionizing the study of science in K12. New products for chemistry, biology and physics labs allow more engaging and, in some cases, safer experiments.

Following the BYOD and 1-to-1 trend, many of these products come with mobile apps so students can take their inquiries outside the classroom and analyze data instantly in the field.