10 More Memphis Schools to be Taken Over by Achievement District

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ten more Memphis City Schools will be run by charters or the state through the Achievement School District next fall.

Staff at schools in Frayser, North Memphis and the southwest corner of the city got the word in meetings with ASD staff Monday and Wednesday. The teachers were invited to join the ASD or look elsewhere for jobs.

The schools are all in the bottom 5 percent in the state. They are: Graves Elementary, Norris Elementary, Alcy Ball Elementary, Corry Middle, Cherokee Elementary, Hanley Elementary, Shannon Elementary, Treadwell Elementary, Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary, Klondike Elementary, Cypress Middle, Georgian Hills Middle, Denver Elementary and Whitney Elementary.

There are 14 in all, but only 10 will actually convert to the ASD. The others are expected to remain under the authority of the unified Memphis and Shelby County school board.

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