AASA: President’s Budget Proposal Relies Heavily on Competitive Funding

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

“We are pleased to see that the President highlights education funding as a priority, and we applaud his focus on such key areas as early learning opportunities and safe and secure schools,” said Domenech.

“However, while the budget does provide funding increases for some K12 programs, every new dollar is in competitive programs. This budget effectively decreases per-pupil expenditures in federal flagship formula programs in order to fund competitive programs that will support only a select group of schools and students. Especially in light of sequestration, increased costs, and increased enrollments, level funding of such programs as IDEA and Title I jeopardizes the quality of the education of students who need it most.”

Click here for a full analysis of the proposal and a link to a PDF of the analysis and accompany charts. Additional budget materials are also available.

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