ACT test results back up need for education reform

Lauren Williams's picture
Monday, August 25, 2014

While some complain about reforms like the state-required End of Course exams, which measure proficiencies in subjects like English, algebra, biology or social studies, these tests would seem to be an important measure for both the student and the education system in assessing potential college success and what can be done to boost it. It doesn’t really matter if you can pass a test given by the teacher in a chemistry class, if the test itself doesn’t measure what is considered basic knowledge.

And even if we did away with standardized testing in the schools, eventually the college-bound student will have to take some type of college readiness test.

If the goal is to prepare students who want to go to college for the challenge, then the testing reforms that were started during the Bill Richardson administration and are being pursued under the Susana Martinez administration are the right direction.

Otherwise New Mexico can stay right where it always has been – at or near the bottom of the education barrel.

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