Adventure to Fitness Launches New Entertainment Site to Battle Childhood Obesity

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Monday, October 1, 2012

In conjunction with Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Adventure to Fitness has announced the launch of their new website, which they say will make their program even more accessible for the 45,000-plus network of teachers already using the program, plus reveal some never-before-seen-features.

The new site is part of the company's ongoing initiative to reach more kids in more schools, and to develop an at-home fitness program that will complement the in-school components.

Adventure to Fitness is a children's entertainment company that streams free 30-minute interactive educational fitness videos into classrooms nationwide, and provides free games for kids, plus recipes and blog articles for parents. In each episode children go on an adventure to an exotic global destination that is designed to integrate physical activity with both health-education and general academia. Since 2010, the program has ballooned to include schools in all 50 states, reaching more than 3.5 million kids during any given week.

That success, plus an overwhelming demand from parents and teachers, has motivated the company to expand its role in the fight against obesity and become a full-service health brand for kids.

"We see Childhood Obesity Month as the ideal moment to raise awareness about the important health challenges facing today's youth. We want to get people excited about jumping on-board with our program and the many ways we offer children to take on those challenges. Our new website is the central hub of our motivational resources and educational fitness tools. The adoption of these resources and tools continues to grow at staggering rates," stated Michael Rhattigan, CEO of Adventure to Fitness.

The company plans to drive a message of wellness and inspiration into homes that has thrived in school. Education is no longer just for the classroom; they say they will make fun, educational fitness and personal growth a 360-degree, comprehensive experience for America's students that gets them on track to form healthy habits.

The company reports that many families have already signed up for the exercise program prior to launch as "VIPs": Very Important Parents. The site includes games and activities that reinforce the in-school adventures, plus healthy, kid-friendly recipe pages. It also delivers content intended to inspire families to live and play together – like a section called "Kidspiration," which features wellness-related art and writing from kids who use the program. And in the very near future Adventure to Fitness will give parents access to its library of episodes – previously only available in schools – for their own use at home.

About Adventure to Fitness: Known as America's #1 Healthy Network, Adventure to Fitness is an entertainment brand focused on getting and keeping kids fit. The program not only addresses health and fitness, but also promotes cognitive development, both in school and at home. While teachers nationwide are streaming Adventure to Fitness interactive episodes in their classrooms to engage in exercise while reaching math, science, social studies and language arts objectives, so too are parents teaming up with their kids to become Fit Families. As a leader of the Ed-Tech revolution, Adventure to Fitness is trail blazing a path to childhood fitness and education that kids around the world are following. Even with a teacher network of over 45,000 and an audience of over 3.5 million children, the Adventure to Fitness craze is just beginning.

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