Ala. House Passes Education Budget

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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Alabama House has passed an education budget $141 million short of what is being spent this fiscal year, though lawmakers found another $10 million to add to the Senate-passed version.

The cuts would mean about 528 educators would lose their jobs, according to figures from the state Department of Education. Those include 504 teachers, 16 principals and about 8 assorted support staff.

The budget's sponsor -- Rep. Jay Love, R-Montgomery -- said that is fewer than half of who would have been laid off under the budget recommended by Gov. Robert Bentley.

"I'm proud of the budget in a very difficult budget year," Love said. "We were able to fund the priorities of educating kids in Alabama, and I think give a minimal impact to the classroom of having to cut the budget."

A Bentley spokesman wrote in an email that the governor's office would thoroughly review the education budget and continue to work with legislators on funding needs.

The governor had committed to having a budget that didn't require raising taxes on Alabamians. This caused some clashes with legislators, who zeroed-out his recommended $185 million appropriation to Medicaid.

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