Alabama School District Implements Bus Safety Program with GPS Technology

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mobile County Board of Education rolled-out a GPS-enabled system to track its fleet of buses, which covers 42,438 miles every day in Alabama’s largest school district.

The buses transport an average of 26,102 students daily. Administrative staff can now pinpoint the current location of a single bus among the 78 routes operating, or the exact time a predesigned stop was made – helping reduce response time during critical situations.

With Actsoft from AT&T, the nine-member transportation department can enhance student safety by monitoring bus speeds, creating geo-fences and redirecting drivers away from accidents. It also allows better logistics management for 650 buses by validating routes and reducing costs through gas mileage efficiency.

As the first school district in the region to deploy this type of technology, Mobile County Schools is extending its ability to provide a safe environment for students beyond brink and mortar classrooms.

Actsoft from AT&T helps Mobile County Schools:

  • Reduce response times in critical situations
  • Validate routes and miles driven with GPS tracking and full map visibility
  • Verify time with history reports
  • Track driver timesheets

The initiative includes:

  • 650 buses w/ ActSoft Tracking Solution
  • 100 Transport and Maintenance employees
  • 150 Facility Maintenance Trucks

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