ALEKS Corporation Releasing Its Math Courses for the iPad

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

ALEKS Corporation, a leading provider of mastery-based learning and assessment solutions, is proud to announce the release of the first phase of its iPad and tablet-ready mathematics courses.

ALEKS math courses will soon be compatible with a wide range of tablet devices, including the Apple iPad and select Android tablets. ALEKS is upgrading approximately half of its math courses to include compatibility with a variety of tablet devices throughout this academic year, and will be releasing the balance of its math courses during the next academic year.

We are pleased to announce ALEKS QuickTables as the first of the company’s iPad and tablet-compatible products. QuickTables is a research-based, math fact mastery program that offers ongoing learning, assessment, and review for multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction for grades 3 and up. To learn more about ALEKS QuickTables, please visit With its highly visual format and individualized approach to learning, ALEKS QuickTables helps students get comfortable solving math problems on a tablet device.

“Every student deserves a chance to be successful and ALEKS allows students to do that. I am thrilled to hear ALEKS will be available on the iPad, so students can continue learning math in ALEKS’ unique, free-response environment,” said Charles Stubbs, a teacher at Luella Elementary School in Georgia. “This program is outstanding and my students’ test scores and grade level performance prove it! For the past two years now, my class has used ALEKS, and we have led the district in math scores. I want my students to be successful and feel confident and that is what I get with the program.”

In addition to the release of QuickTables, ALEKS Corporation will be making available tablet-compatible courses for grades 3-6, as well as key intervention products for students who may be struggling in higher grade levels. These important releases will occur in the 2012-2013 academic year, allowing schools and districts to support the use of ALEKS on tablets.

“The availability of ALEKS courses for use with the Apple iPad and other select Android tablets is part of ALEKS’ strategy to continue to meet the evolving needs of today’s educators,” said JP Lenney, Senior Vice President of ALEKS Corporation. “With many schools and districts planning ambitious tablet program rollouts, it is a top priority of the company to allow students and educators to continue to achieve the same dramatic learning outcomes for which ALEKS is known.”

The availability of ALEKS courses on tablet devices will allow students to quickly access their ALEKS account anywhere an Internet connection is available. ALEKS courses will be available directly online via the device’s Internet browser and will continue to feature user-friendly answer input tools that allow students to enter mathematical expressions and free-response answers that avoid multiple choice and demonstrate true content mastery.

Using artificial intelligence and adaptive questioning, ALEKS identifies precisely what a student knows and doesn’t know within a course. Through truly individualized instruction on the exact topics the student is most ready to learn, ALEKS targets gaps in knowledge and enables immediate success in learning new material. ALEKS also offers comprehensive coverage of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and individual state standards, and includes robust progress monitoring for teachers and administrators. ALEKS can be used for a variety of instructional purposes including core instruction, remediation, intervention, gifted, and special education.

For a complete list of ALEKS courses, please visit Educators can also explore these courses by signing up for a complimentary trial at

About ALEKS Corporation

ALEKS Corporation is a leader in the creation of web-based, artificially intelligent educational software. ALEKS assessment and learning technologies were originally developed by a team of cognitive scientists, mathematicians, and software engineers at the University of California, Irvine, with major funding from the National Science Foundation. ALEKS is founded on groundbreaking research in mathematical cognitive science known as Knowledge Space Theory. Through adaptive questioning, ALEKS accurately assesses a student’s knowledge state, and then delivers targeted instruction on the topics a student is most ready to learn.

ALEKS has been used by millions of students in over 50 different mathematics, science, and business courses at thousands of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world. For additional information, visit: