America's best economic stimulus is education

Lauren Williams's picture
Monday, November 11, 2013

There is an education crisis across our nation, and it’s one we can solve if we work together. We can address our education challenges, but it requires the cooperation and collaboration of individuals and organizations from all sectors. After all, our education crisis is far more than a social issue. It has real economic implications for our future.

Today, one-quarter of our nation’s youth fail to graduate high school within four years, and in some school districts youth have only a fifty-fifty chance. As high-skilled, high-tech jobs become the backbone of our nation’s future, we need a workforce ready and able to succeed in our new, knowledge economy. America’s best economic stimulus is education.

It is in everyone’s interest to ensure our youth are well educated. It is everyone’s responsibility to offer a helping hand and get involved.

Youth need support from the time they are in preschool to ensure success in high school and beyond. A critical juncture is 4th grade reading proficiency.

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