Anchorage Superintendent Interviews for Iowa Job

Friday, March 8, 2013

Anchorage school Superintendent Jim Browder is due to meet the public and interview for the superintendent's job in Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday. Otherwise, he remains on the job here.

School Board members in Anchorage said they learned on Friday that Browder had applied for the Iowa position and is one of three finalists. The deadline for candidates to apply for the Iowa job was Feb. 11.

Browder, 65, had told the Anchorage board in mid-February that his daughter and grandson in Georgia were seriously ill with separate health problems, and indicated he might have to leave town temporarily; he didn't say he was applying for another job, said board president Jeannie Mackie.

On Friday, Browder spoke individually to Anchorage board members about the Des Moines position, and sent an email to district staff saying he believes it is his responsibility to be closer to his daughter and grandson.

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