Ann Arbor School Policy Says Police Should Have Been Notified of Eberwhite Sexual Assault Claim

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ann Arbor Public Schools’ legal obligation to report an 8-year-old's claim that she was sexually assaulted at Eberwhite Elementary to Child Protective Services falls into a gray area, according to legal professionals.

But the district’s Code of Conduct and Consequences is clear. It says in incidents of alleged criminal sexual conduct, the building principal “must refer the incident to local and state enforcement agencies.”

A lawsuit claims a former Eberwhite Elementary School second grader was sexually assaulted twice by a classmate in a special education classroom during the last school year.

That didn't happen, according to available accounts of the incident that Eberwhite staff heard about on March 22. Police were contacted the following day by the University of Michigan, after the girl was taken to the hospital when her mother learned of the complaint.

AAPS officials would neither discuss the district's response to the assault claim nor answer questions about whether they've taken steps to correct any processes since that time. Spokeswoman Liz Margolis cited the pending litigation filed last week as the reason.

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