Another Day in the Park as Chicago Teachers Strike Enters 2nd Day

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One after another, the parents dropped their children off Tuesday before rushing to work -- just as they would on any school day.

But this was Sheridan Park, not a school, and their children would be playing sports and games instead of going to class as the Chicago teachers strike entered its second day. More than 100 parents took advantage of the "Play at the Park" program Tuesday because it provided a safe and convenient place for their children as teachers and school officials resumed negotiations.

But Rachelle Cirrintano, who works at the University of Illinois at Chicago, still worried about her 8-year-old son Rocco. The boy has a hard time adjusting to change, she explained. When she dropped him off this morning, he sat on a bench alone because he didn't know anyone. She focused her frustration at the teachers. "There was no reason to do this when they just got situated," Cirrintano said. "All the teachers should be let go for their irresponsibility to the children and their families."

Other parents said they sympathized with teachers, for now. Judith Quintanilla, who brought her third- and fifth-grade daughters to Sheridan Park, said she's content supporting teachers if the strike doesn't last too long.

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