Arizona Department of Education Releases Letter Grades for Schools

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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) released letter grades for every school district statewide on Wednesday, with no districts receiving an “F” this year.

In accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 15-241 ADE is charged with attributing letter grades to every district and charger school in the state. These letter grades are based on the weighting of student performance on the AIMS tests and student academic growth from year to year, along with additional points awarded for high English Language Learner reclassifications, and significant reductions in dropout rates. Every school and district receives a report card with a grade that reflects their annual academic profile.

While the Amphitheater School District shows the grade is still pending, the Marana School District received a “B”.

In order to further comply with Arizona’s law, this year ADE added three more models to the letter grading system, which provides even greater value to parents as they choose appropriate placement for their students. Over the last two years the A-F grades were applied to a traditional school model that included those schools with student populations of more than 100. This year the Department, working collaboratively with the education community, developed an A-F model for small schools with student populations under 100, alternative schools, and k-2 schools.

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