Arkansas School District Suspends Staff Amidst DHS Investigation of Student Matter

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arkadelphia (Ark.)School District Superintendent Donnie Whitten said staff changes at Louisa E. Perritt Primary were spurred by information from a Department of Human Services (DHS) investigation involving several children. 

"It needs to be further investigated, because I am very upset about it," she said, staring at the school her son attends every weekday. 

Katrina Hughes only learned on Monday that her kindergarten son's principal wouldn't be finishing the school year and that three staff members had been suspended on Friday.

"A letter should have been sent home, we should have been called something should have happened. This is just ridiculous," she said. 

"They confirmed there was an incident at the school, they also confirmed the staff did not take the appropriate action," he said. 

A parent of one of the children involved told KARK the incident being investigated occured in a school bathroom the week before Spring Break. The parent tells us boy students were participating in sexual acts, and some of the boys were possibly forced by other students to do so. 

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