Army looks to schools to find the next cyberwarriors

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Monday, September 16, 2013

You can literally see rockets when you drive into Huntsville, Ala., also known as the "Rocket City." NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is here, along with scores of aerospace and defense contractors. The city also has one of the largest fully digital school districts: 24,000 Huntsville City Schools students use laptops or tablets instead of textbooks.

All of this partly explains the new cybersecurity class at Grissom High School. Huntsville City Schools and U.S. Army Cyber Command are developing the curriculum, which will eventually begin in middle school.

From the case of NSA whistle-blower Eric Snowden to potential threats from Chinese hackers, talk of cybersecurity is everywhere — and many experts think the United States is simply not up to today's threats. One big reason why, they say, is too few U.S. workers with the right skills.

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