ASCD offers new resources for educators

Friday, August 22, 2014

ASCD, a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, is pleased to offer teachers and administrators a selection of high-quality professional development opportunities as they head into the new school year.

“The beginning of a new school year marks a fresh start and exciting time for educators to innovate,” said Judy Seltz, ASCD executive director. “Educators are ready to reinvigorate their practice, and our back-to-school offerings will ensure that all educators—no matter their experience level—can support their students by using best practices and the latest breakthroughs in education.”

Teacher Resources

  • ASCD New Teacher Bundle—Each publication in this three-book bundle addresses common concerns and challenges teachers face during the early years of teaching. The set features Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching by Robyn R. Jackson, The New Teacher’s Companion: Practical Wisdom for Succeeding in the Classroom by Gini Cunningham, and Where Great Teaching Begins: Planning for Student Thinking and Learning by Anne R. Reeves
  • ASCD Arias Bundle: Publications for Teachers—This bundle of 12 short books explores how to improve student engagement, technology use in the classroom, and classroom management and organization. These practical publications can be read in one sitting and showcase ideas that can be implemented during the first weeks of school—and beyond.
  • Educational Leadership’s back-to-school issue, “Motivation Matters” (Available Aug. 27)—In “Motivated to Learn: A Conversation with Daniel Pink,” Pink explains why appealing to a sense of purpose is a great motivation tool. For a sneak preview, listen to the audio clip.
  • Hanging In: Working with Challenging Students—In this free webinar, ASCD author Jeffrey Benson guides educators in identifying what they can do now for a challenging student in their school. Pulling from his ASCD book Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most, Benson explains how educators can enrich their team's capacity to meet the needs of any student

Administrator Resources

  • ASCD New Principal Bundle— This four-book bundle addresses the complex challenges of the principalship and offers ways to achieve academic success. The set features Insights into Action: Successful School Leaders Share What Works by William Sterrett, Never Underestimate Your Teachers: Instructional Leadership for Excellence in Every Classroom by Robyn R. Jackson, The New Principal's Fieldbook: Strategies for Success by Pam Robbins and Harvey Alvy, and Qualities of Effective Principals by James H. Stronge, Holly B. Richard, and Nancy Catano.
  • Leading Professional Learning: Building Capacity through Teacher Leaders—This PD Online course provides administrators and other leaders practical tools, examples, and processes for developing, implementing, and evaluating systems of job-embedded professional learning. Participants have the opportunity to explore various protocols that can improve the results achieved by educators working together to deepen their own learning and that of their students.
  • Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time: Walkthroughs and Observations—In this free webinar, ASCD author Jane E. Pollock explains how to give teachers feedback in order to improve student learning and achievement.
  • ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership—Attendees at this event will learn the latest best practices for school and district administration, become equipped with new strategies and technologies for heightened school performance, and connect with the top leaders in school districts across the country.

Additionally, ASCD’s official blog, Inservice, will be featuring posts related to back-to-school week from August 25–29. Read posts from ASCD authors Jenny Edwards and Allen Mendler, as well as posts from whole child experts and an ASCD Emerging Leader. Visit during back-to-school week for advice on how to start the school year off right.

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