Ascend Math creates content for more than 60 Common Core objectives

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ascend Education announced today that Ascend Math now includes 60 new learning objectives written to the Common Core standards. The new content was created to further address learning styles initiated within the common core and will enhance the conceptual learning styles currently found in Ascend Math.

For educators in many states the Common Core Standards will represent a challenge this year. Many are concerned with understanding how to teach to the common core. Ascend Math can help to address these concerns through online instruction and multi-modal explorations specifically created for Common Core objectives.

“This is great news for educators in states moving to the Common Core Standards” said Kevin Briley, CEO of Ascend Education. “Ascend Math’s instruction will give them a huge head start in teaching the way in which the Common Core was designed to be taught. With the addition of this new content Ascend Math does an even better job of addressing both conceptual and practice standards. What’s more, Ascend now deepens understanding and provides a methodology to allow students to write and speak about math.”

Ascend Math includes instructional content, multi-modal practice, and assessment for more than 700 learning objectives covering common core standards from K through 12. Ascend Education has also upgraded content for those states that are not moving to Common Core written to their state standards.

“Ascend Math will continue as always to provide educators with the instructional content they need to help all their students excel at math,” reported Briley.

About Ascend Math®

Ascend Math® is a research based instructional resource in which students have proven to achieve two or more grade level gains in a six month period. This web- delivered individualized intervention resource identifies skill gaps, prescribes targeted instruction, and motivates students to achieve their maximum performance and potential.

Ascend Math is written to Common Core and state standards. Instruction is delivered in a logical math sequence and students can progress at their own pace and track their own progress and success. Ascend Math® is currently used in more than 500 schools and districts serving tens of thousands of students throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit