Ascension Parish Schools take distance learning to a new level

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ascension Parish Schools are taking learning to another level with the use of Edgenuity, an online learning program designed to give more options to students of all learning styles and keep them on track.

Kristen Fussell is using it at APPLe Digital Academy, where she transferred after being expelled from her home-base school. "I think that it's a really good learning experience because it's a lot easier. There's not a lot of drama. There aren't as many kids, and you can learn better," Kristen said. "I feel better about it because I'm not getting picked on. I'm not being bullied, and it's a really good thing. It's a good feeling."

The same goes Rendell Reid. "There's not somebody over you telling you that you need to get this in on this day," Rendell said. "You have to go home and work. You can't stay on pace if you just work at school."

Kristen and Rendell, along with other students in their parish, are using a different type of technology. So they can still get a solid education without the distractions.

"The program itself monitors the work that they do, and as they're working it shows them pacing and progress, so a student can self assess, but each student can also see that they are in the driver's seat and that they are controlling their education," Lisa Bacala, Supervisor of Secondary Education for Ascension Parish School Board.

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