Aspex Solutions Announces Partnership with the Oklahoma State School Board Association to Provide State-Wide K12 Hiring Solution

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Thursday, January 17, 2013
The Oklahoma State School Board Association (OSSBA), an association dedicated to promoting quality education for the children of Oklahoma through training and information services to school board members, today announces a partnership with Aspex Solutions, the providers of AppliTrack Recruiting, the leading online hiring system for K12 organizations. This partnership will allow Aspex Solutions to provide a state-wide hiring and recruiting solution to each school district member of OSSBA.

Aside from creating a paperless hiring process for OSSBA members, the Oklahoma State School Board Association (OSSBA) Hiring Consortium will:
• Provide a centralized database of Oklahoma job seekers who wish to work in any type of job found in K12 organizations, not just teachers.
• Allow Oklahoma job seekers to complete one application that can be accessed by any Oklahoma school district using AppliTrack
• Provide each Oklahoma school district with the tools necessary to customize their own online hiring process to ensure that the statewide system meets their local recruiting and hiring policies.
• Provide a way for OSSBA members to easily recruit applicants on a local, regional, and national level.

“The OSSBA is excited to be partnering with AppliTrack to offer Oklahoma school districts a cost effective management system for district recruitment and management of new employees,” said Dr. Jeff Mills, Executive Director of the Oklahoma State School Board Association. “Having experience using this system, I know firsthand that it is a user friendly, customizable and affordable web based program for both administrators and applicants."
The implementation of the Oklahoma State School Board Association (OSSBA) Hiring Consortium will allow all OSSBA members, regardless of size, to participate. In order to increase the likelihood of the smallest Oklahoma School Districts participation, this system will be free for 32 school districts that have less than 100 students enrolled in the district.
“It has always been our corporate goal to provide HR solutions that are not only powerful enough to serve the largest school systems in the United States, but also affordable for school districts on the other end of that spectrum," said Abe Reese, President and Founder of Aspex Solutions. “This partnership will allow for all members of the OSSBA to streamline their hiring and recruiting process using the top system on the market.”
It is anticipated that the Oklahoma State School Board Association (OSSBA) Hiring Consortium will be ready for use in time for the Spring 2013 hiring season, a period that is traditionally very busy for school districts planning and staffing the next school year.

About the Oklahoma State School Boards Association
The Oklahoma State School Boards Association works to promote quality public education for the children of Oklahoma through providing training and information services to school board members. The Association is a leader among leaders in Oklahoma education and a visible presence in the local school districts and throughout the state. The OSSBA is a player on the national scene as a member of the powerful National School Boards Association.

About Aspex Solutions
Founded in 1998, suburban Chicago-based Aspex Solutions exists to make world-class technologies that help organizations focus on people, not process. Our market leading suite of products include: AppliTrack Recruiting, AppliTrack Selection TeacherFit, JobFit, and AdminFit, and AppliTrack HR Files. Aspex Solutions currently serves over 2,050 public and private sector clients through the United States, including over 14% of the public school districts in the country.