Assessment Technology Incorporated launch Actionable Dashboard Reporting

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Districts transitioning to Common Core State Standards and new instructional effectiveness responsibilities can now receive actionable, real-time data with Galileo® K-12 OnlineDashboards.

Dashboards, launched by Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI), offer educators a convenient method to view and interact with data for evaluation, assessment, and instruction in a single location. Using widget technology, Dashboards display graphical information quickly and clearly.

“We believe technology should support educators’ efforts to enhance the learning experience for students in a simple and concise manner,” says John R. Bergan, Ph.D., ATI president. “Educators can quickly scan Dashboards for critical data on student learning.”

Dashboards include two views, an administrative view and a staff view. Each view offers widget technology to display information graphically. Widgets within Dashboards invite users to act upon presented data in various ways. For example, a user may drill-down from a graphical assessment overview to view specific student responses to the assessment. A user may also plan, schedule, and implement differentiated instruction based on the observed assessment results. In addition, the user may schedule and implement components of a unit plan in response to assessment information reported through Dashboard technology.

Dashboards offer the ability to:

•  obtain data gathered and reported through Galileo that supports multiple types of differentiated instruction, essential in implementing Common Core State Standards instruction;

• generate custom reports in addition to using the wide array of ready-made reports;

• cross-classify student achievement with student growth yielding information to guide instruction; and/or

•  receive data on whether teachers at a selected school have maintained the expected growth of their students in the selected subjects.

Dashboards are part of the Galileo K-12 Online comprehensive all in one instructional improvement and instructional effective system. ATI technology supports educators through valid, reliable assessments aligned to state standards and Common Core State Standards with a broad range of online modules offering rapid and flexible access to innovative assessment, reporting, instruction and intervention tools.

About Assessment Technology Incorporated

Assessment Technology Incorporated, established in 1986, is the leading provider of instructional improvement and instructional effectiveness patented technology assisting today’s educators in their mission to enhance student learning. Galileo K-12 Online, the company’s flagship application, is a comprehensive, standards- based and research-supported system ideally suited to assist programs in the implementation of assessment and instruction reflecting the goals of the Common Core State Standards initiative. Galileo provides assessment, reporting, and forecasting tools coupled with curriculum and instructional dialog tools making it possible to use assessment information to guide not only classroom and/or differentiated instruction including enrichment and a variety of reteaching interventions but also professional development. For more information contact ATI at, 877.442.5453, or