Assistive Technology Vendors Partner to Promote Accessible Instruction for All

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In honor of National Disability Awareness Month, Atomic Learning along with assistive technology partners Crick Software, PALM, and TextHELP are encouraging educators to take a pledge to provide accessible instruction to reach all learners.

There are 6.5 million children with disabilities in the U.S, and about 95% of publishing output is not accessible. As one disabled student shared, "I would get really frustrated and angry when the teacher would not give me the materials I needed. I would get tired more quickly," said Laura."I could be more independent when the materials were made accessible."

The IDEA law ensures that the unique learning needs of students with disabilities are met through special education and that these students are prepared for further education, employment and living independently. Educators with the willingness to learn to make instructional materials accessible can make a significant impact on students with disabilities. School districts need to provide the professional development for these educators to provide accessible instruction for all learners.

Join Atomic Learning, Crick Software, PALM, and TextHELP and do your part to provide accessible instruction to all students by taking the pledge at

About Atomic Learning 
Through a partnership with Atomic Learning, schools can provide teachers, staff, students, and parents with Atomic Learning’s professional development resources that focus on tech integration. The Atomic Learning suite of products is designed to provide a comprehensive framework to bring technology and curriculum together, through targeted solutions for specific initiatives, such as mobile or Common Core. To learn more about Atomic Learning’s solution, visit

About Crick Software
Crick Software develops innovative educational software for students of all ages and abilities. To learn more, visit

About The PALM Initiative
The PALM Initiative’s (Purchase Accessible Learning Materials) mission is to increase the availability of more flexible and accessible learning materials in the marketplace. To learn more, visit

About TextHELP
Texthelp's goal is to provide technology that enables all learners, including children and adults with learning difficulties, to read, write, study, and communicate with ease and independence.