Atlanta School Board Considers Own Police Force

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Davis told the school board at its Monday meeting that establishing an APS police force would put full-time school resource officers in schools now being served by 55 full-time and 233 part-time Atlanta police officers.

The plan has been under consideration for about a year, said Marquenta Sands, APS director of safety and security, who in her presentation alluded to the massacre by a gunman last month of 20 students and six adults in a Connecticut elementary school. Davis said it would give the district more control over school security and allow it to take preventative measures.

“What we need is a more full-time commitment,” said Davis. “We want to have officers who are there full time and learn all of the kids in the cluster as they move from elementary to high school. The officers can do planning among themselves, identify sensitive relationships and head these issues off much earlier.”

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