Attendees pack into A-F school grading discussion

Lauren Williams's picture
Friday, October 25, 2013

During the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s (ExcelinEd) 2013 National Summit on Education Reform, a strategy session on A-F school grading addressed the challenges accountability systems face and the benefits of a transparent accountability system.

ExcelinEd CEO Patricia Levesque moderated “Accountability 2020: Adopting and Readying Transparent A – F Grading Systems for the Next Generation of Schools,” with Florida State Representative Erik Fresen, Oklahoma State Senator Clark Jolley and Mississippi State Senator Gray Tollison as panelists.

“The easiest thing to do is retreat back to what’s comfortable,” said Reprentative Fresen during the discussion. “The major element that provides a system of grading with any value is whether or not the measurement means something.”

As states continue to move toward higher standards and their subsequent assessments, keeping students the focus must be a daily decision. Panelists discussed what states are doing to ensure their students aren’t put on the sidelines during this time of change.

“Parents are starting to demand more of their schools because they see very clearly that things they are told are not going on,” added Senator Tollison. “Everyone is paying more attention to what is going on in the schools and what we can do to make our schools A and B schools. The common denominator of schools with As? Good principals, effective teachers.”

Watch A – F get animated in this video from ExcelinEd, and read more about this strategy session’s highlights in this post.