Auditor finds fraud in Richmond Public Schools

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CBS 6 reporter Catie Beck has a copy of a report that has not been made public yet, which also details the auditor’s recommended changes. This newer school board voted to allow City Auditor Ummesh Dalal access to the school system to conduct an audit. One had not previously been done by Dalal because the school system had its own auditors.

Dalal started by saying that better payroll transparency is needed; who is on payroll and what they are getting paid. He noted that RPS staff was not even able to provide basic information for the audit, such as exactly how many people work for the school system.

The report also said that the way the district hires employees without contracts is concerning and opens the door for favoritism, waste and fraud. It details that many times individuals or schools are given hiring authority that goes out of sight of the school board.

In some instances principals and directors are making decisions on hiring without following the proper process, which has resulted in the hiring of at least one person with a questionable criminal history, and those who are ineligible for rehire.

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