Auditor targets 100 More Ohio Schools

Monday, January 14, 2013

The state auditor has identified about 100 more Ohio schools that show signs they might have “ scrubbed” student data.

The overall number of schools statewide that appear to have altered student data still is low — there are more than 3,200 traditional public schools in all. The auditor is to release a report this month — likely close to the end of the month — that details how many schools scrubbed data, which means they were changed without lawful reason.

Auditor Dave Yost already has found that 36 schools in five districts manipulated student data, perhaps to improve their academic standing. Some, including schools in Toledo and in the Columbus school district, withdrew and then re-enrolled children so that their test scores and attendance records wouldn’t count. At least one school had enrolled children without their knowledge in alternative programs and avoided being held accountable for those students. Yost announced those findings in October, before his report was done. It examined just 100 Ohio schools, most of which are in urban school districts.

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