'Back to school' means back to bad study habits for many students

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's been only a few weeks since students returned to school, yet many are already feeling lost, unsupported and downright frustrated. A major reason students are not happy to hit the books again is they lack the study skills necessary to meet classroom demands. Some students are losing interest and lack the confidence to meet the scholastic benchmarks set before them.

Students, however, need not despair. SOAR Study Skills, a research-based solution that earns rave reviews from students, parents and schools alike, can help. According to a number of recent interviews with educators who have implemented SOAR in their scholastic programs, students are finally grasping critical study skills habits that are accelerating their academic performance.

These interviews tell the story of how SOAR is changing students' lives, boosting academic achievement and motivating kids to prioritize learning. SOAR's organizational tools and its vision to help students think strategically have earned the program high marks among educators. Today, SOAR is being used in over 1,700 schools across the U.S., in 14 countries, and with a 98.9 percent success rate.

"Many of my students have said that we are an urban inner-city school with all of the same challenges and opportunities that urban school districts are facing across the nation," says Gary Thompson, director of Ohio's Toledo Technology Academy, ranked the Midwest's second best high school. "So many of our students don't come from a background where they're being taught organization or correct study skills. And [SOAR Study Skills] is a very easy-to-use methodology for them, and they adapt to it very quickly."

SOAR's high success rate hasn't just been dependent on student reception of the program. SOAR thrives when schools tap the expertise of the program's founder, Susan Kruger, M.Ed., as well as when they incorporate SOAR into the entire educational culture via parental approval and thorough teacher training. Tobi Flair, principal of Harry Hurst Middle School in Destrehan, La., cautions that SOAR requires dedication and is anything but some "fly-by-night Band Aid."

"It is a very purposeful, well-constructed program, and it has great potential to develop student responsibility, develop student thinking, and develop their autonomy in owning their own schoolwork and taking pride in it," says Flair, whose school trained its entire staff, attained parental buy-in, and now bookends each day with 20 minutes of SOAR curriculum.

Kruger concluded, "Many students need help right now to change their perspective on the new school year. The SOAR program, in concert with the dedication that schools nationwide have been investing in study skills solutions, can make all the difference to these young people."

About SOAR Learning, Inc.

SOAR Study Skills (http://studyskills.com) is the brainchild of Susan Kruger, M.Ed., who is a certified learning specialist and former struggling student. Growing up with learning disabilities, Susan was shocked when she simplified a few study skills in college -- and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. Since then, she has taught thousands of students how to achieve the same sense of accomplishment and confidence with study skills. Susan is the author of the international bestselling study skills book SOAR Study Skills. Her curriculum materials are used by over 1,700 schools nationwide and in 14 countries.