Backpack bans, sealed lockers latest efforts to keep schools safe

Friday, May 30, 2014

A New York high school is the latest in the nation to ban backpacks following several bomb threats, and has even taken extra steps, including sealing up students' lockers.

For the last two weeks of the school year, students at Wantagh High School -- located about 34 miles east of New York City -- are being forced to carry their books and belongings in plastic bags, sign in and out to use the bathroom and submit to searches when entering the building. But the sealing up of lockers took school security to a new level.

"It is an inconvenience, but it's like an airport really," Erik Beuttenmuller, an 11th-grader at the school told Fox 5 New York. "That is horrible, especially with all the classes cramming for the Regents [exams]. You need all your books, [and it] isn't fun lugging everything around.”

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