Beaverton (Ore.) Schools Supt. Is Still Happy

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jeff Rose has led the Beaverton School District for six months now, and so far, he hasn't fled.

In fact, he said he enjoys his new job, heading the third largest district in the state with 39,000 students. "I think it's going extremely well," he said, as he drove his second-grade daughter home from a Lego's physics camp during the holiday break.

He planned to take several days off from the 60- to 70-hour weeks he regular puts in to do a little skiing with his family in Central Oregon.

Rose knows the last half of the school year will be trying as budget figures come in from the state and the district considers cuts. He has said on several occasions that he doesn't want it to distract folks from the district's academic mission, but he has also acknowledged that it's an inevitable distraction.

The district expects to slice between $24 million and $37 million from the 2012-13 budget, but Rose said he believes it will be closer to $37 million if not more.

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