Benchmark Education Introduces Family Involvement Kits to Enhance K–8 Students’ Home Reading Practice

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Literacy publisher Benchmark Education Company announces Read at Home, a new series of independent reading and parent interaction kits to help students get the practice they need at home to improve their reading skills.

Kits are available for Grades K–8 in English or Spanish. With these kits, families can now share the joy of reading and play a key role in improving children’s academic performance. Parents and schools that purchase these kits can ensure they have developmentally appropriate books and strategies to support literacy at home. The series supports Title I and Common Core Standards requirements by helping educators engage parents in their students’ education.

The Read at Home kits, to be featured at Benchmark Education’s booth at the 2013 National Title I Conference this January, include 10 boxed kits. Each kit targets readers in a specific grade range and is packed with up to eight carefully selected Science and Social Studies titles at independent reading levels appropriate for those grades, a 16-page family guide with strategies and activities to support a child’s literacy, and a student writing journal to encourage deep understanding and personal expression. All these resources are bundled together in a sturdy and attractive carrying case for easy storage and transport.

“Title I recognizes that family involvement is crucial to improved student academic performance and has urged schools to increase their partnerships with parents,” said Tom Reycraft, chief executive officer of Benchmark Education Company. “In addition, the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Initiative is also encouraging after-school academic enrichment activities that can help students meet state and local achievement standards. Read at Home kits have all the right tools for teachers and parents to fully support children on their journey to becoming successful readers and writers.”

These kits help young readers recognize and analyze key nonfiction text types stressed in Common Core and other state reading standards, and offer age-appropriate models to assist them in writing these text types. They also create a connection between students’ classroom learning and their home environment by engaging families in the learning process. 

Read at Home components include:

  • Up to eight high-interest informational books at a range of carefully selected independent reading levels. The books make standards-based Science and Social Studies topics interesting and accessible, while increasing students’ vocabulary and comprehension. Books are soft-covered and contain beautiful photos and/or illustrations in color.
  • A 16-page hands-on Family Guide. Parents get practical tips to support their children’s literacy skills in developmentally appropriate ways. The guide also includes grade-level topics for discussion, a recommended reading list of other books, and a checklist to help parents reinforce their children’s enjoyment of reading. In addition, the guide highlights literacy milestones that recognize, support, and encourage children through the reading and writing process.
  • A reading journal. Engaging activities reinforce the connection between reading and writing and help parents and teachers document students’ progress. The journal includes a log for students to keep track of books read throughout the year and has prompts to stimulate reader response.

Read at Home kits in English are available now at a suggested price of $49 each. Spanish versions are available at a suggested price of $55. For more information or to purchase these kits and other Benchmark Education products, visit or call 877-236-2465.

About Benchmark Education: Headquartered in Pelham, NY, Benchmark Education Company  is a leading publisher of K12 core, supplemental, and intervention literacy resources in English and Spanish. These resources are supported by instructional technology solutions as well as on-site and online customized professional development training for teachers and administrators. Benchmark print and online resources are differentiated to support all learners in all settings and are research-based and proven. In addition to extensive educational use in the USA, they are also used in schools and training centers in the Middle East, Canada, South America, and Asia.