BenchPrep crosses 500,000 user mark

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BenchPrep, a ground-breaking online/mobile adaptive scholastic prep solution enabling 21st Century high school and college students achieve greater academic success, today announced that more than half a million students have used its proprietary test prep courses that can be accessed via computer, iPhone, Android and iPad. As another notable company milestone, BenchPrep concurrently announced it has amassed more than 30 publisher partnerships with industry leaders such as Cengage and Princeton Review, most recently bringing Research & Education Association Inc (REA) into the fold as entrée into the college credit test prep market. Through these affiliations, the company is currently offering more than 250 test prep programs, including several hundred hours of video courses, relating to high school coursework, college admissions, college coursework, and graduate admissions.

"Our adaptive and personalized study solution enables students to better prepare for tests and course work through any portable device from anywhere, at any time," notes EdTech authority and academic futurist Ashish Rangnekar, CEO of BenchPrep. "BenchPrep uses innovative game mechanics to help students better prepare and minimizes stress, providing everything needed to study in one place, including hundreds of practice questions, detailed explanations, guided study plans, and high-quality content from the world's most respected publishers. BenchPrep has, in fact, changed the test prep game creating the world's first and only cross-platform test prep course. This means that students access their courses not only on their computers and mobile devices, but that they can sync their progress, so that they start studying exactly where they left off."

BenchPrep, which is backed by $8.2 million in venture capital, is proud to have helped over 500,000 students excel on standardized tests and accomplish their professional and educational goals. This comprehensive solution is intended to help students prepare for tests and course work stress-free, giving them everything needed in one place. With study plans to guide them along, and material that syncs across all devices, students are better prepared for their coursework and testing.

In an effort to give back, BenchPrep recently launched its “Teach it Forward” initiative offering free digital college readiness courses to underprivileged students in 25 underperforming districts throughout the United States. With BenchPrep's "Teach it Forward" program, students and faculty will get access to 20 carefully selected courses relevant to college prep, such as high school math, ACT and SAT prep, and 21st century skills (like Microsoft Office)–resources many financially strapped districts can’t normally procure and avail to students.

Rangnekar underscores the need for solutions like BenchPrep, noting, “An overwhelming number of high school graduates are not ready for college. In fact, the problem is at an all-time high with as many as 75 percent of students being unprepared. For example, of the 600,000 college freshmen that enroll in a calculus course every year, roughly 200,000 fail. At an average cost of $1,000 for that course, that’s $200 million in lost tuition cost."

"This is a problem BenchPrep can readily address," Rangnekar continues. "We have, in fact, seen an average score improvement of 16 percent over a 90-day period for students utilizing our digital study materials. This number increases to 20.5 percent for those students who use the product on both the Web and a mobile device, highlighting the power of cross-device access.

“Publishers are beginning to view us as a technology partner so that they can deliver a product that resonates with today’s student: digital, personalized and interactive,” Rangnekar concludes. “Students, on the other hand, are loving the power and convenience of aggregating all courses on a single platform, with an engaging interface and personalized learning.”