Berkeley (Calif.) Schools Chief to Retire After Busy Four-year Tenure

Friday, December 16, 2011

A lot can happen in four years. Just ask Berkeley school superintendent Bill Huyett who recently announced his retirement after 38 years in education.

Huyett, 61, said he will leave June 30.

Huyett said he originally came to Berkeley to focus on California's largest disparity in test scores between white students and nonwhite students.

What he got was oh, so much more. And he's still smiling.

While he helped make progress in kindergarten through eighth-grade test scores, Huyett, who earns $238,000 a year, faced a number of controversies and crises during his tenure that brought national attention to the city a number of times.

In most instances he earned praise from people he worked with as someone willing to listen to those outside his inner circle, something not all his predecessors could do.

Earlier this year, he presided over a crisis at Berkeley High School and its alternative counterpart, Berkeley Technology Academy, where no less than seven students were arrested for bringing guns to school. While one shot was fired at Berkeley High, no one was injured in any of the incidents.

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