Bigfork School District Responds to Pertussis Outbreak

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

As of Friday afternoon there were four confirmed cases of Pertussis, more commonly known as “whooping cough,” in the Bigfork School District and antibiotics were recommended to students who came in contact with the infected.

Since last week’s first case of the illness broke out, the district is following Flathead County Health Department’s guidelines to minimize spread.

“We were told by the county that we have been proactive in minimizing the spread,” Bigfork School District Superintendent Cynthia Clary said.

After last week’s first confirmed case in the Bigfork Schools, the school pulled out all of the students’ immunization records and the county contacted the parents to let them know their child was in contact with the illness and they recommend placing him or her on antibiotics for five days. Clary said it is up to the parents whether or not their child receives antibiotics.

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