Board of Education Approves A to F Grading System for Oklahoma

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Monday, April 2, 2012

The state Board of Education on Thursday voted 4-2 to approve proposed rules for an A to F grading system for the state's schools.

Two board members, Joy Hofmeister and Brian Hayden, adamantly opposed the rules because they didn't include an appeals process and because they believe the bar is too high to get an A.

Because the approval required four yes votes, State Superintendent Janet Barresi voted yes on the measure.

"I understand that we want to have rigor, but I wrestle with fairness," Hayden said. As part of the rules, schools and districts are measured on a variety of factors. To obtain an A grade, their score must be 3.75 on a 4-point grading scale.

But board member Bill Price said if grading system makes it easier to make high grades, there would be no incentive for schools and districts to improve. He said he would even like to see a deflation in the grading system so most schools would have room to improve.

"What do you think happens to a community that ends up with a D that should have been a C?" Hayden asked.

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