Board of Education Discusses Eliminating Second Half-Credit Gym Class Requirement in High School

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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Carroll County Board of Education plans to further discuss eliminating the half-credit high school requirement of a second gym class at its Oct. 10 meeting.

The idea was introduced at the board meeting Wednesday by board Vice President Barbara Shreeve. After discussion, it was also decided to consider eliminating the requirement of the half-credit financial literacy course and instead infusing those course lessons into other subjects to fulfill the state requirement.

The Carroll County Student Government Association presented an idea to the board in May to allow students who have participated in at least two high school sports be given the opportunity to opt out of the second half-credit of gym that is required by the school system. Maryland requires students to take just one half credit of physical education.

In response to that proposal, Superintendent of Schools Steve Guthrie formed a committee that looked into the possibility of a student waiver process, but he decided not to move forward with the idea by bringing it back to the board.

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