Board Votes to Switch New Hartford NY Library to School District

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The New Hartford (N.Y.) Library Board of Trustees took its first step Tuesday night toward a plan that would sever ties with the town. The board voted in favor of a resolution to change from a municipal public library to a school district library.

As a district library, the budget and board members would be directly decided on by school district voters and taxes would be collected through the district.

“This is the ultimate public vote,” said Board President Linda E. Romano. “They’re going to be heard loud and clear, and it’s going to sail or it’s going to fail based on the vote of the people.”

The change could decrease taxes for town residents and increase them for those living in the New Hartford School District.

“We’re hoping it’s more of a wash to the taxpayer,” Romano said.

Over the past several years, the town of New Hartford, the library’s largest source of funding, has been decreasing its contributions, as has Oneida County.

The 2012 town budget allocates $400,000 to the library, the remainder of which would be a savings to the town if the library changes over in May.

The amount saved would go to the town fund balance, Town Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski said.

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