Bobby Jindal School Voucher System Blasted As 'Destruction Of Education' By Religious Group

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The leader of a national multi-faith religious group blasted Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's school voucher program this week, charging that it was an effort to mount a "ruthless attack on public education" and violate the separation of church and state.

In a letter to the governor, C. Welton Gaddy, a Baptist minister and President of the Interfaith Alliance, accused Jindal of initiating a program that “is bad for religious freedom and bad for public education as well as a blatant attack on the religious freedom clauses in the United States Constitution.”

Gaddy says Louisiana's sweeping new voucher system, ushered in by Jindal, is problematic because it uses state taxpayer dollars to offer vouchers to more than half of Louisiana’s public school students. These students can then use these vouchers to attend a number of religious learning institutions, some of which have been shown to teach extreme anti-science and anti-history curriculums.

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