Boston Schools Chief Blasts ‘Poor Judgment’ on Criminal Checks

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

“People in our industry who work with children have to operate at a higher standard of accountability,” Johnson, superintendent of the Boston Public Schools, told the Herald. “We have to establish a much higher standard of behavior. Because this is conduct that’s really unbecoming and is not acceptable.”

Johnson made her comments yesterday after the resignation of McKinley Preparatory High School van driver Gerard Grimes, who was driving students despite losing his license after a pair of 2012 drunken-driving busts. A second van driver, whose name was not released, also resigned after officials learned he was shuttling students despite an expired driver’s license.

The Herald reported last week that Grimes also had a trio of misdemeanor breaking-and-entering convictions in 2007, as well as a probation violation that led to a 45-day jail sentence, but still passed a 2009 criminal background screening. Johnson said administrators who reviewed his Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) report in 2009 used “poor judgment.”

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