Bridgeport Public Schools initial donation request leads to $45,000 in technology savings

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bridgeport Public Schools announces the donation of technology sourcing services by Fairfield-based Virtual Procurement Services that led to savings of more than $45,000 and the prospect of ongoing savings.

“Initially, we solicited Virtual Procurement Services for a donation of $2,700 for the purchase of a new ‘Smart Board’ for one of our schools as part of BPS’s commitment to equip classrooms with 21st Century technology,” said Lissette Colón, Chief of Staff for Superintendent of Schools Paul Vallas. “We were excited when the owner of that company, Scott Robins, agreed to make that donation.

“In exchange for the donation, Mr. Robins asked that we meet with him for 20 minutes so he could show us how his organization could help us save considerably on technology purchases,” Ms. Colón added.

“After Scott Robins’ presentation, it was clear that Virtual Procurement Services was helping significantly reduce technology costs for major corporations and he could help us do the same,” said David M. Andrade, the school system’s Director of Technology. “We were very surprised by what he was showing us, and then Scott truly shocked us when he told us there would be no charge for his company’s services.”

The $45,000 savings resulted from Virtual Procurement Services renegotiating the existing contracted rates for the purchase of 173 “Smart Boards” for Bridgeport Public Schools.

“As we do for our for-profit clients, we have up-to-the-minute data on the ever-changing pricing practices of manufacturers and value-added resellers,” Robins said. “Combining pricing data with our proprietary process we are able to save any organization significantly on technology purchases, -- and our success is even greater for those using the General Service Administration or state contracts.

“The savings achieved through the donated services allows Bridgeport Public Schools to continue to focus on providing teachers and students with necessary resources, said Superintendent Paul Vallas. “What Mr. Robins was able to accomplish for us, very quickly, was exciting to witness. I hope he will continue to work with Bridgeport schools and other government organizations to help reduce technology costs. And at the end of the day, there are not many individuals that donate both money and their services on behalf of the children.”

“We look forward to helping the Bridgeport’s Public School system with future technology purchases,” Robins added. “Superintendent Vallas was extremely supportive of our efforts and we appreciate the opportunity to act on behalf of Bridgeport Public Schools.”

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