Britannica Digital Learning Developing New E-books for Schools

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Britannica Digital Learning is developing over 300 new e-books aimed at young children this June. The majority of new titles will be solely aimed at K6 and below and will encompass science, social studies, language arts and math will be available by June, each of them curriculum-aligned, covering topics such as animals, colors, holidays, elementary math concepts, astronomy, famous people and hundreds of others.

The new eBooks Britannica is developing will add to their existing portfolio and by the end of the year should surpass 850 titles. The vast offerings are mainly aimed towards elementary-schools. The new books are rigorously edited, extensively illustrated and designed to be enjoyable and engaging to students. They provide schools and libraries with a large selection of high-quality texts for classroom study and research and will help satisfy the non-fiction reading requirements of the new Common Core State Standards.

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