Bullying incident at a high-achieving Portland elementary school offers lessons for schools, parents

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The fourth-grade boy twice tried to evade his tormenters. But the group of fifth-graders pursued him around the playground until finally cornering him behind the gym.

More students joined the group, which grew to about 15 kids, according to a staff memo obtained by The Oregonian. The students hurled "extremely crude comments," the memo states. According to the parent of one witness, these included derogatory taunts about the boy's brown skin.

It was the second time in eight days he was targeted, according to the school district. "Blacks," the student was told in the earlier incident, "didn’t belong here."

"Here" is Bridlemile Elementary School in Southwest Portland, one of the highest-achieving K-5 institutions in Portland Public Schools.

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