Business invests in New York City's tech education

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Top New York City educators and business leaders agree that the development of a skilled workforce teeming with bright, tech-savvy young people is essential if our city is to continue to prosper and be great. Con Edison is one of a half-dozen large employers in the city investing in a new approach to public education to prepare students for careers in the fast-changing, technology-based economy.

Together with National Grid, LaGuardia Community College and the city's Department of Education, Con Edison created Energy Tech, a grades 9-to-14 public high school. National Grid's New York president, Ken Daly, and some of Con Edison's top engineers have participated in the program to provide students with the technical capabilities they need to join the energy workforce. Our graduates will earn both a high-school diploma and an associate's degree. They'll also gain valuable internship experience and be able to compete for jobs in the energy industry.

Fourteen-year-old Energy Tech student Leah Jolly said she wants to be a chemical engineer and enjoys mixing concoctions in her mother's kitchen to see how things work.

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