Cadaver lab planned to educate select Ill. high school students

Friday, April 4, 2014

What some people would see as a cadaver in a body bag in a LeRoy office, a small but growing number of McLean County doctors and educators see as an out-of-the-classroom opportunity to inspire and educate high school students interested in medicine.

"When you can merge people with a skill set and kids who have a desire to learn, that's powerful," said Gary Tipsord, LeRoy schools superintendent.

McLean County Medical Society — led by its secretary, Dr. Tom Pliura — is sponsoring a Human Anatomy Cadaver Dissection Lab for advanced-level high school students interested in careers in medicine. Pliura — an emergency medicine physician and lawyer — hopes to begin after-school labs on April 10 in a back room of his LeRoy law office.

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