Calif. Schools Chief Says Districts Should Replace, Upgrade Old Schools

Friday, July 27, 2012

Although California school districts have largely focused on building new schools to accommodate growing student populations, districts should concentrate more on renovating and replacing aging schools, according to a new report.

"California has a lot to learn about building the schools of the future -- and the time to get started is now," said Tom Torlakson, state Superintendent of Public Instruction, outside the La Escuelita Education Center in Oakland, which is under construction. "The way we build and maintain schools over the next generation will of course make a huge difference to our 6.3 million public school students and to the teachers and school employees who serve them.

But our schools matter in other ways as well -- as community centers and leaders in sustainability. That means that every dollar we invest in our school facilities is a dollar that can change the future of our state."

He may have been preaching to the choir.

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