California Students Take Part in Online Education

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Each morning, students head to classrooms to learn the day's lessons, but one school is providing children with the same education in a different environment. California Virtual Academies, or CAVA, allows students to learn through online classrooms, in the comfort of their own homes.

Second grade student Dinhora Ogutu is learning the same things as other kids her age, but her classroom is a little different. CAVA provides students with the same K-12 curriculum they'd have in a public school - but they access it online.

Ogutu said, "I like to learn everything at home, like I could learn everything."

"It is really school at home. We are a free and public education. So, we're transferring that public education into a home environment where you still have a credentialed teacher, you have lesson plans, we lay out the curriculum for you, it's not pick or choose," said CAVA teacher Erin Reyes.

Students must complete daily assignments and meet in a virtual classroom multiple times a week.

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