Cameras Approved for Middletown School Buses

Lauren Williams's picture
Friday, August 24, 2012

Pass a city school bus that has its lights flashing, and you may soon find a summons in your mailbox.

The Board of Education Tuesday voted to explore the possibility of having cameras installed on the exterior of school buses that will turn on whenever the stop arm is fully extended.

The cameras as well as the software that records violators is owned by Providence, R.I.-based SmartBus Live! The company then sends the footage to local law enforcement for their review and possible action against the violator.

There is no cost to the taxpayer, according to schools Superintendent Patricia Charles. The cameras are owned by Smartbus Live! and the company sends footage to police. The company also collects the fine. Charles said the company keeps a portion of the fine to pay for equipment and processing, and the remainder goes to the municipality.

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