As Carson City students return to school, they’ll see construction zones

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, August 22, 2013

Many Carson City students will be navigating construction zones as they return to classes Monday.

Delays in permits and other processes mean most schools are in the beginning phases of construction or have yet to begin work on creating secure entrances at every site.

“It will be inconvenient,” said Carson City School District Superintendent Richard Stokes. “But we expect after the projects have been completed, it will be a good addition to the school district and to each site where we have this single point of entry, which we believe will be a good way to increase school safety.”

Funds from the 2010 rollover bond were committed to creating single-point entryways at every school in the district in an effort to make them more secure. However, the decision wasn’t made until April, putting workers in a time crunch, said Keith Shaffer, projects manager for the district.

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