Casio mixes math and music in new Fostering Mathematics book

Friday, April 25, 2014

Casio America, Inc., a leader in education technology, in conjunction with Dr. Robert Horton, a professor at Clemson University and distinguished math teacher, Mike Reiners, have announced today the availability of Fostering Mathematical Thinking through Music – a new volume in Casio’s Fostering Education book series. In response to the increased focus on the inclusion of Arts into the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education initiative in curriculums across the country, this latest edition engages students in a new and unique way by drawing the connection between music and mathematics while continuing to foster a positive student-centered learning environment.

“The spotlight on STEM has never been brighter, and it is critical that students and teachers have the tools they need to succeed, and we at Casio focus on developing resources and technologies that address these curriculums from multiple fronts,” said Yuji Sasajima, vice president of Casio’s Consumer Products Division. “Fostering Mathematical Thinking through Music is a perfect example of such a resource because it enables students to become stronger mathematical thinkers through the use of music.”

Studies have shown that cognitive connections between music and mathematics do exist as many math teachers have musical talents and the majority of students have an interest in music overall. Fostering Mathematical Thinking through Music taps into the connections between the two disciplines, opens the door to a new way of learning mathematics, and helps to reduce the difficulties students may face with the subject. For example, a chapter in this volume focuses on fractions, a struggle for many students to comprehend, and explains it through the study of musical rhythms. The learning extends from simple ideas, such as why two quarters is equivalent to one half to more complex fractions. Other topics include pitch and ratios, musical transformations and trigonometry, and more.

“Deepest learning starts with context, and music provides mathematical contexts that can open doors for millions of students. It is no coincidence that many brilliant mathematicians are also brilliant musicians,” said Mike Reiners. “By tapping into the connections between these two disciplines, we can motivate students to study mathematics and help them learn, as well as present a new way for teachers, desperate for “real world” connections for mathematics.”

The Fostering Education Series as a whole integrates the new Common Core Standards for State Mathematics into the classroom and ultimately helps prepare students for the future. Designed to enrich the mathematics classroom, the series also integrates Casio’s technology into the classroom to enhance dynamics between students, encourage discovery-based learning and engage in analytical thought. This volume offers a wide variety of topics, including rational numbers, algebra, statistics and data analysis, trigonometry and more. Learning topics for students range from fourth grade to high school pre-calculus classes.

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