A Center of Collaboration on Education Reform Rejects Malloy

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Haven teachers were apprehensive when they backed a new evaluation system three years ago, but they were not angry.

As New Haven Superintendent Reginald Mayo said Tuesday night, "It has been done through collaboration ... We are doing it through consensus."

The model -- which led to 2 percent of the district's teachers being fired this school year -- has garnered the national spotlight for what can go right when school districts and unions work together.

But -- as was evident at Wilbur Cross High School Tuesday night -- Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is not having the same success in persuading teachers to sign onto his education reform package that is built on having a statewide evaluation system.

Teachers are angry, and Malloy is the villain.

"We're not in Wisconsin," one teacher yelled at the governor, comparing him to the union-bashing proposals attempted by the Republican governor from that state last year.

While Malloy has been greeted with the same antagonistic responses from teachers during each of his forums so far, he's not willing to wait for them to come on board.

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