Central Texas school districts adjusting to serve homeless students

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Waco ISD has more than 15-hundred students who are designated as homeless. The district has a grant funded department dedicated to helping remove any barriers that may keep these students from attending school.

Kathy Wigtail, Case Manager for Waco ISD Homeless Outreach Services says, "Homeless isn't always what you think in terms of people on the streets, mostly families are doubled up, living with other families due to economic hardships."

A homeless student is defined as a student who lives in a shelter, motel or hotel. In a house or an apartment with more than one family because of economic hardship or loss, in an abandoned building or a car, at a camp ground, or on the street. In temporary foster care or with an adult who is not your parent or legal guardian. in substandard housing or with friends or family because of being a runaway or unaccompanied youth.

Being homeless can often be an unstable environment that makes it more difficult to get to classes each day. Still, 92 percent of those homeless students do make it to school each day, compared to 95 percent overall.

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