Chicago Schools Considers Giving Charters Added Perks for Longer Day

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Chicago Public School's Board of Education will vote on a resolution Wednesday that would give charter schools grants of up to $75,000 and teachers stipends of $800 if they implement a longer school day in 2011-12.

The board will vote on whether to establish a grant fund for charter schools of $4.4 million. Charters would have to apply for the grants, explaining their proposed schedule revisions and how they'd use the money to further the district's longer school day initiative.

The proposal brings a new twist to the politically-charged debate over longer school days because charter school teachers are not typically union members. By bringing charter schools into the fold, CPS leaders could expand its longer school day plan to potentially dozens more schools without asking teachers to sign waivers to void their teachers contract.

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